Rental Criteria

Resident History

An applicant must have at least 18 months resident history without any negative information or be a previous home owner. A qualified co-signer can co-sign for a new renter or credit distressed prospect.

Income Criteria

Applicants must have a verifiable monthly gross income as follows:

Total Household income criteria

2.5 x’s monthly rent

Job history has to be submitted with proof of income or 1 years worth of rent in a bank account.

Credit History

Applicants must have a FICO score of 620 and above, a FICO score 570-580 can  be considered with conditions only, those conditions can range from a co-signer to 1.5 times the rent as a deposit. The applicant can not currently owe another landlord monies unless payment arrangements have been arranged and instated.

Automatic Denials

Conviction of a felony, bankruptcy that is not filed , eviction, skip or money owed to previous landlord or falsification of application.

Pet Criteria

Dogs must be 1 year or above

No aggressive breeds..ie..Pit Bulls, Pit Bull Mixes, Doberman Pinchers or Wolf breeds.

Pet deposits are required and start at $200.00 per pet for weight under 40 lbs over 40 lbs start at $400.00 per pet. Cats have to be spayed or neutered.

Co- Signers

Co signers have to qualify with income 5 times the amount of rent. Credit score has to be 700 or above and have no negative rental history.


Foreclosures are acceptable as long as the credit score still falls within Credit criteria.

All residents are required to obtain and maintain a policy of Renters Insurance and Dp Properties is to be named as additional insured.

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